Cradle-to-Cradle Composites: EIT-RM upscaling project for the automotive

C2CC final event reminder

Posted on December 7, 2021

This is to remind to all of you the final event in Bordeaux on 9th an 10th of December. As said in the last news, the first day will be reserved for project partners to plan the final report of the project and the Go-to-Market strategy.

On the 10th of December a public session will be organised, for dissemination to composite sector professionals and technicians. The public event will start at 9.30 am, following the agenda below:

Time | CET Details
9h30 – 9h35 Introduction: Welcome words – Guido Sonnemann (UBx)
9h35 – 10h00 C2CC project overview, environmental and technological megatrends  and ENEA activities – Claudio Mingazzini, Enrico Leoni, Stefano Bassi, Giuseppe Magnani and Matteo Scafè (ENEA TEMAF)
10h00 – 10h20 Discussion of Basalt  Derived Mineral Fibres and fibers alternative to carbon ones for green transition – Enrico Benco (GS4C)
10h20 – 10h45 Cleavable epoxies: potential environmental advantages, recycling and reuse of recovered epoxy-based-thermoplastics. Demonstration of glove compartment doors demonstrator produced in CRF – Jaime Ferrer Dalmau (R*Concept)
10h45 – 11h00 Finite Element validation of the developed C2C recyclable composite materials for the front bonnet application (500 Abarth model) – Matteo Basso and Daniele Pullini (CRF-Stellantis Group)
11h00 – 11h25 Coffee break (questions are collected online and answered at the end of the session)  
11h25 – 11h40 The development of prepreg based on cleavable epoxies and Basalt Derived Mineral Fibres (BDMF), using prepreg pilot line – Rafael García-Etxabe and Koldo Gondra (GAIKER)
11h40 – 11h55 Processing of developed cleavable epoxies-basalt reinforced prepregs for producing automotive components, compared to conventional epoxy-based prepregs – Andrea Ceresani and Angel Ciuffreda (AM Composites)
11h55 – 12h10 Evaluation of environmental impacts of composites reinforced with basalt-derived mineral fiber and comparison with steel and carbon-fiber composites – Edis Glogic (UBX)
12h10 – 12h25 Go-to-Market strategy and exploitation of developed materials and Financial Backflow Agreement with EIT-RM about product commercialization – Jaime Ferrer Dalmau (R*Concept)
12h25 – 12h45 Answer to questions received online. Closing remarks and prospects – Claudio Mingazzini (ENEA TEMAF)