Cradle-to-Cradle Composites: EIT-RM upscaling project for the automotive

The C2CC Project

  • Warm press

    ENEA warm pressing pilot line

  • Prepreg production

    ENEA prepreg pilot line

  • 2019 bonnet demonstrator lamination

    Performed in AM Composites

  • Closed loop production and recycle of PMC

  • Project demonstrator: 500 Abarth bonnet

    Bonnet to be produced in recyclable PMC

  • Gaiker prepreg pilot line

  • Composite prototype bonnet

CO2 emissions regulation force car manufacturers to aim at significant weight reduction, which seems possible only through extent substitution of metals with Polymer Composite Materials (PMC).

Currently, PMC are only used for luxury cars due to high costs, and cannot be considered fully environmentally friendly, due to wastes associated to these production (up to 30% by weight of prepreg is wasted) and non-recyclability.

C2CC project will focus on these drawbacks, employing recyclable fibers together with recyclable and biobased polymers.


C2CC project will demonstrate the technical feasibility of these solutions on real automotive components, which will be produced employing current industrial facilities (prepreg lamination+autoclave processing).

Moreover C2CC will assess environmental benefits of the new solution (which are expected in term of lower embodied energy and C-emissions) through LCSA analysis.

An automotive supplier, together with CRF (FCA research center) will engineer and produce these components. Qualification will be performed to demonstrate compliance with automotive industry expectations.

Circular economy models: new solutions for the transport sector

Claudio Mingazzini (ENEA) is going to present the C2CC project’s experience about circular economy models. The webinar will be held, in Italian, on the 7th november 2020 at 4.30 p.m., within the Festival of Technical Culture of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Join on YouTube:

Application of C2CC project results to wind sector

Claudio Mingazzini (ENEA) is going to present the C2CC project’s experience at Eolis 2020, on the 20th of November at 2.30pm. Online event:


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Happy holidays with every fiber from C2CC

Posted on December 25, 2021

On behalf of the entire C2CC project partnership, we want you our best wishes for a serene and joyful Christmas with our Composite Tree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!