Cradle-to-Cradle Composites: EIT-RM upscaling project for the automotive

Partially C2C recyclable prepregs produced in Gaiker and delivered to AM composites, for main project demonstrator production

Posted on October 30, 2020

The production of totally C2C recyclable prepreg is a bit late on the original schedule of project C2CC, mainly due to the high requirements in term of Tg associated to front bonnet (main C2CC project demonstrator). In 2020 it was necessary to move to a still under development cleavable hardener, for increasing Tg of derived cleavable epoxies. In order not to delay all other project activites, Filava fibre was associated to biobased PFA resin in Gaiker, to allow AM composites to test the production of a complete front bonnet. A complete mechanical characterisation of Filava-PFA was performed, to allow the definition of a suitable ply-book.